2015-05-12 - A new look

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I have always been challenged to find a way to easily share my photographs in an appealing format.  Over the course of the last year I have begun watching Scott Kelby's Lightroom Show and his The Grid.  While some of the information has been skewed toward professional photographers, I have learned a bit and liked his website/photo critiques. 

So I have begun revamping my approach to managing and sharing my photos.  Some of the changes include (but are not limited to):

Culling photos:  Do I really want to see 7 or 8 year old photos from homework assignments of photo classes I have taken in the past?  How many unintentionally out of focus macro shots of a flower do I need? Do I really need to see 5 or 6 shots of someone throwing the ball as their arm position changes?  Or what about duplicates? I was able to thin things out and get down to about 6500 photos.

Keywording:  Having a collection of several thousand photos may be nice, but how do I find the one(s) I want?  Arranging by date helps but what if I want to find a particular photo of my wife?  How in the heck do I determine which year it MIGHT have been taken?  Assigning a keyword lets me filter my photos and at least get down to a manageable number.  While the first pass is complete, I am now going through and assigning multiple keywords to photos.  For example - I can give a photo a keyword of "Family".  But who is IN that photo?

Collections:  OK - now I have a number of photos from some place or time.  How do I easily get the ones I like best and want to share with others?  While Lightroom lets me rank my photos, that is still a bit of work.  Especially when trying to remember what keyword I used at the time!  I also found myself taking a number of shots and then sharing only a select number.  The Wake County Senior Games were a great example.  I am not going to submit several hundred to the board to decide which ones they want.  So I pared them down to a representative number.  The rest I want to keep and post in the event someone actually wants to drop 99¢ to get a photo of themselves!

Website:  This is where I try to show off a bit.  I have invested a few dollars (well perhaps more than a few! LOL!) and a LOT of time trying to take photographs that both I and my audience of friends, family and participants would enjoy.  How best to do that?  Listening to the website critiques provided some good information and examples some of which I COULD adapt. 

Who took that shot?:  I have wavered on this a bit.  If you come to my website you pretty much can figure out on your own who took the shot!  So do you really need to see my name and a copyright symbol in the corner?  I have it embedded within the metadata plus from what I learned unless you have actually gone through the steps to formally copyright your work, you don't have much of a leg to stand on.  So with those things in mind, I have quit adding that information.  Old shots - well as time allows I will remove the information.

Do you like it enough to want a copy?:  I have also decided to expand downloading permissions for a number of my shots to make it easier for friends and family to download a copy without having to ask me for one.  Print requests are something different though! 

Enough about the journey!  Now take a few moments and check out the updates!




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